MORPHEYES STUDIO at RIT/NTID employs Deaf people, mainly current students and faculty at RIT/NTID,
to develop above-the-line creative leadership in movies & TV, and to advance Deaf talent and culture through the content we create. These are some of the talented young people at Morpheyes. 
Morpheyes Studio began after RIT/NTID leadership posed a seemingly simple question: How do we get more students co-op jobs in Hollywood so they can secure full time careers after graduation? In response, NTID President Dr. Gerry Buckley launched a one-of-a-kind special project called Morpheyes Studio at RIT/NTID, an innovative learning platform that combines creative leadership development with experiential learning in a professional work environment. By proving the model first at RIT/NTID, Morpheyes' success ensures greater access and opportunity for Deaf talent while breaking new ground in authentic Deaf representation on-screen in mainstream pop culture.